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Shakuhachi Headjoint for the Silver Flute

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Shakulute & Shakuhachi Introduced at the National Flute Association Convention in San Diego, CA (August, 2005)

Photo 1 Marc Berner and Monty Levenson in either side of Grand Masters Kozan Tanifuji and John Kaizan Neptune. Tanifujii and Neptune came all the way from Japan to perform at this event.
Photo 2 Kozan Tanifuji from Hokkaido, Japan and Marc Berner from Miami, Florida at the Tai Hei Shakuhachi booth in the exhibition hall.
Photo 3 Kayo Levenson (right) speaking with a new young shakuhachi player and her mom. The NFA Convention was definitely a family affair.
Photo 4 Tanifugi-sensei demonstrating the Shakulute.
Photo 5 Neptune on the 2.4' shakuhachi with Standard "C" and Alto Shakulute.
Photo 6 Trying out the Shakulute.
Photo 7 Alto Shakulute duet with Marc and Tanifuji.
Photo 8 Master flutemaker David Straubinger tries his hand at the Shakulute. It was through David's efforts that shakuhachi and Shakulute were invited to participate at the NFA convention.
Photo 9 It was gratifying to see so many young flautists were in attendance.
Photo 10 Tanifuji-sensei giving a group lesson. These kids could all produce a sound on the shakuhachi headjoint in no time at all.
Photo 11 John and Marc on the long flutes.
Photo 12 John plays his new invention, the Udaboo, a drum made from the largest bamboo grown in Japan.
Photo 13 John, Tanifuji and Masayo Norikami on koto performed at one of the featured concerts. Invitations to perform at the annual NFA conventions are extended to the very best flautists in the world.None of the performers are paid. All participate at their own expense. It is quite an honor to be included in the program of events.
Photo 14 Reiko Obata and Masayo Norikami on koto and 17-string bass koto.
Photo 15 Kozan Tanifuji performing one of his original compositons. It brought down the house.
Photo 16 Rehearsing at Masayo's place for the NFA recitals.
Photo 17 Neptune and Taniguji practice a duet for 1.8' shakuhachi and Shakulute.
Photo 18 Masayo on 17-string bass koto. What a beautiful sound.
Photo 19 And what a beautiful player. Masayo rehearses at the main hall for the Gala Event.
Photo 20 The entire convention attend the Gala Event. Masayo and John at the sound check.
Photo 21 There's more than one way to blow shakuhachi
Photo 22 Monty demonstrates the Alto Shakulute at a special NFA showcase introducing this new hybrid instrument.
Photo 23 After the convention ended, John and friends performed at Dizzy's Jazz Club in downtown San Diego.
Photo 24 Marc on alto Shakulute and John on the 2.4' shakuhachi performed "Over the Rainbow" at Dizzy's.
Photo 25 Everybody gets into the act.
Photo 26 Back home in Japan, John takes a closer look at this newfangled axe.

More photos of the NFA convention on Rick & Kathy Wilson's Historical Flutes web site.

Shakuhachi Headjoint for the Silver Flute

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