Terms & Conditions that apply when ordering a Tai Hei Shakuhachi Flute or Shakulute Headjoint

Lifetime Guarantee Against Cracking

Tai Hei Shakuhachi made using the Precision Cast Bore Technology are exceptionally rugged and highly resistant to splitting and cracking if handled, cared for, and stored properly. This is a particular problem with imported instruments that encounter the extreme diversity of climatic conditions found outside of Japan. Tai Hei Shakuhachi flutes and Shakulute headjoints ordered with optional binding at the time of purchase are guaranteed for life against cracking through to the bore rendering the flute unplayable.

Limitations of Guarantee

This guarantee is extended to the original owner of the instrument only. It does not apply to surface cracks in the bamboo that do not affect performance, nor to flutes that have been mishandled, neglected or otherwise abused by oversaturation with moisture during storage.

The use of a Dampit or other fill-type humidification device designed to supersaturate the bamboo will void this guarantee. In caring for your shakuhachi, binding the bamboo in tandem with the remarkable new technology used in The Flute Saver Kit is highly recommended, as are many of the accessory items being offered on the Tai Hei Shakuhachi website.

Instruments qualifying under the guarantee will be repaired or replaced at no charge other than the cost of return shipping.

Placing a Shakuhachi ON HOLD and Making Time Payments

In purchasing a shakuhachi flute or Shakulute headjoint, I completely understand the desire to get the best instrument possible right at the start rather than investing in one that will require upgrading and additional expense later on. For this reason, as a courtesy to my customers, I offer a plan for making payments over time for custom-made orders or instruments listed on the Tai Hei website. There is no additional cost when opting for this payment option. My usual policy is to request a non-refundable deposit to secure an order, after which time payments can be made incrementally as your finances permit. A mutually agreed upon payment schedule is worked out in advance. When the process is completed, I will provide photos of the flute and deliver the items ordered as soon as the final payment is received.

Placing an instrument ON HOLD in your name means that other potential buyers will pass it by. Hence, the deposit is a good faith gesture and commitment on both our parts, so you can be assured I will not sell the instrument to someone else, and I do not have to be concerned about the order being cancelled weeks or months later. That being said, we can discuss an amount for the deposit that works for us both. For myself, the commitment is more important than the amount of the initial payment. Once the deposit is received, I will reserve the instrument for you and deliver it upon completion of payment.

Auditioning a Shakuhachi Flute or Shakulute Headjoint

Shakuhachi flutes or Shakulute headjoints that have been sent for audition must be returned in the same condition they were received within ten days time for a complete refund less the cost of shipping & handling. No cracks, damage or modifications please. A Shakulute headjoint accepted for audition should not have its sterling silver tenon permanently expanded or swedged (reduced in size) to fit your personal flute. Testing should be done using temporary removable shims made of paper or tape only.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

I understand the hesitancy to purchase a musical instrument sight-unseen through the mail without the possibility to try it out. It has been my policy from the start of my flute making career in 1970 to insure that folks ordering my shakuhachi flutes and Shakulute headjoints are completely happy with the instrument I have made for them.

If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, I would encourage you to return it within ten days for a complete refund less the cost of shipping or replacement with another instrument. The same applies to books, playing guides, sheet music, accessories, or any other items purchased via the Tai Hei Shakuhachi website. Returned items must be received in pristine condition without any signs of damage or wear.

When our transaction is completed, I will not be happy unless you are.

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