Advanced Student Jiari Shakuhachi

Made from specially-selected Japanese Torachiku (Tiger Bamboo)

High-quality, precision cast bore ijiari nstruments made from bamboo cut above the root of the culm. Used extensively by teachers of traditional music for their intermediate-level students. These flutes are made from specially-selected madaké and torachiku bamboo and available in the complete range of sizes.

Catalog #  Key Japanese Name Size Length-mm.  Length-in.
TH-1 G I Shaku San Sun 1.3' 400 mm. 15 3/4"
 TH-2 F# I Shaku Yon Sun 1.4' 430 mm. 16 15/16"
TH-3 F I Shaku Go Sun 1.5' 460 mm. 18 1/8"
TH-4 E I Shaku Roku Sun 1.6' 485 mm. 19 1/8"
TH-5 Eb I Shaku Nana Sun 1.7' 520 mm. 20 1/2"
*TH-6 D I Shaku Ha Sun 1.8' 545 mm. 21 7/16"
TH-7 C# I Shaku Kyu Sun 1.9' 590 mm. 23 1/4"
TH-8 C Ni Shaku 2.0' 625 mm. 24 5/8"
** TH-9 B Ni Shaku I Sun 2.1' 660 mm 26"
** TH-10 Bb Ni Shaku San Sun, 2.3' 700 mm. 27 1/16"
** TH-11 A Ni Shaku Yon Sun 2.4' 750 mm. 29 9/16"
** TH-12 G Ni Shaku Ha Sun 2.8' 840 mm. 33 1/16"

* The 1.8' I Shaku Ha Sun (Key of D) is the Classical Shakuhachi and size first used by beginning and intermediate students of the traditional music.

All playing guides listed in this catalog are keyed to the 1.8' shakuhachi.

** Please specify which hand plays top and bottom notes as holes are offset for ease of fingering.

Protective BINDING is available for all models.

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