Models of Tai Hei Shakuhachi

PROFESSIONAL ROOT-END SHAKUHACHI [TH-R] are made using the Precision Cast Bore technology innovated by Tai Hei Shakuhachi. All Professional models are made of madaké bamboo in the traditional styles of the Kinko and Tozan Ryu. They are concert quality instruments used by teachers and recording artists in Japan and by professional musicians throughout the world. These flutes come in the complete range of sizes as well as in a variety of models (Advanced Student, Teacher and Master) which reflect the quality of the instrument. Available in Japanese and Chinese madaké as well as rare Kyushu madaké bamboo.

Kyushu MadakéADVANCED STUDENT SHAKUHACHI [TH-A] are high-quality, cast bore instruments made from torachiku (Tiger Bamboo) or madaké bamboo. They are used extensively by intermediate students of the shakuhachi. These flutes are a grade between the professional and student models. Available in the complete range of sizes - 1.3' to 2.8'.

STUDENT SHAKUHACHI [TH-S] are high-quality, cast bore instruments made from bamboo cut above the root of the plant. Used extensively by teachers of traditional music for their beginning students. These flutes are made from torachiku (Tiger Bamboo) and are available in the classical 1.8' (Key of D) size.

MEDITATION SHAKUHACHI [TH-M] are simple, low-cost flutes designed for the beginner. These shakuhachi are inlaid at the blowing edge and have a natural or lacquered bore. Less refined than the precision cast bore flute, this model is tuned to the Japanese pentatonic scale, but not to absolute pitch, hence not recommended for the study of traditional music. It is, however, suitable for solo meditative blowing. Made from torachiku (Tiger Bamboo) in sizes ranging from 1.6' to 2.8'.

CHOKAN [TH-RC] are professional grade deep bass shakuhachi from 2.4' to 2.8' in length.

7-HOLE SHAKUHACHI [TH-W] are a modern innovation incorporating two extra holes designed to facilitate playing Western music on this instrument. Available in a range of sizes from 1.3' to 2.4'.

LARGE-HOLE SHAKUHACHI [TH-N] are based on an innovation created by the talented performer, composer and flutemaker, John Kaizan Neptune. After years of studying the acoustical physics of the shakuhachi bore, Neptune lowered and enlarged the holes on his instruments. This resulted in a uniformly "bigger" sound for all the notes played. These precision cast bore flutes are made in the classical size - 1.8' I Shaku Ha Sun (Key of D) - and are based on measurements taken from Neptune's finest shakuhachi.

JINASHIKAN SHAKUHACHI [TH-AJ] are instruments made purely from bamboo without having the inside built-up and shaped with the addition of filler material. The precision bore of these shakuhachi are carved directly from the thick walls of the madaké itself. Subtle nuances of tone and resonance are sometimes achieved by adding small amounts of bamboo sawdust to critical nodal points where sound waves intersect with the bore of the flute. These shakuhachi are the most difficult to construct and have a uniquely sweet and open sound.

SHAKUHACHI HEADJOINT for the SILVER FLUTE [TH-H]. This headjoint for the silver flute is a completely new concept in woodwinds developed by Tai Hei Shakuhachi. It replaces the side-blown headjoint of the western transverse flute with that of an end-blown shakuhachi headjoint to create an innovative new sound and style of music. This hybrid instrument allows the player to employ blowing styles and techniques distinctive to the traditional Japanese shakuhachi while using fingerings common to the western classical Boehm flute. The resulting sound is a unique blending of East and West that can be achieved on no other instrument.

OPTIONAL BINDING is available for all models listed. It is the best insurance against bamboo splitting. Binding applied at critical places along the length of the flute limits the amount of expansion and contraction resulting from changes in temperature and humidity. Instruments bound at the time of purchase qualify for the lifetime guarantee against cracking into the bore.

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