Hui-Neng Cutting Bamboo


Over many years of making shakuhachi, I have been asked numerous questions about the traditional craft and music of this unique instrument. Here are some of the most frequent inquiries along with my personal views on the subject.

Q1: What makes a "good" shakuhachi?

Q2: Which aspect in the construction of the shakuhachi is most critical to the production of tonal quality?

Q3: How do the various models of Tai Hei Shakuhachi differ in quality? How can the Student and three grades of Professional Models (Advanced Student, Teacher and Master) be compared?

Q4: What distinguishes the large-hole shakuhachi from a flute with regular-sized holes?

Q5: I am interested in playing Western music on the shakuhachi. Is it essential that I order a seven-hole instrument?

Q6: How does the Meditation shakuhachi differ from a flute made with the precision cast bore? Which model instrument is best for the beginning player to start out on?

Q7: Should I be concerned about my flute splitting? What are the advantages of ordering a shakuhachi with the optional binding?

Q8: I want to learn to play the shakuhachi. Is a teacher essential? Can I learn on my own by using one of the playing guides?

Q9: Which playing guides and books do you recommend?

Q10: What are Jinashi Shakuhachi and how do they differ from Jiari instruments made with the Precision Case Bore?

If you have questions that remain unanswered after looking over these FAQs, feel free to drop me a line

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