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"I was excited to visit a shakuhachi shop while in Kyoto. I told my wife I needed to purchase a new cleaning cloth. An hour later, I walked out with a brand new 1.8 shakuhachi. While our Japanese friends drove us to Tokyo, I checked Monty’s website to see how to protect my recent purchase. I immediately realized that unless I took proper precautions, my shakuhachi probably would not survive long going from the high-humidity environment of Japan in the summer to our air-conditioned house in Oregon. In addition to reading the information on the site, I emailed Monty to ask some questions. He very kindly helped me understand what I needed to do. Before returning to the US, I purchased the Flute Saver system, including the hard case and the other components. Monty quickly shipped the Flute Saver, and I placed my shakuhachi in it as soon as it arrived. Immediately the humidity in the case rose to 55%, compared to the 42% humidity in my home. 

"The Flute Saver system includes a digital meter with probe 36-inch long wire that makes it easy to check the temperature and relative humidity without having to open the case, flute bag, or other enclosure it is stored in. When I play, I position the meter next to my music stand. It reminds me not to leave my shakuhachi sitting out unprotected when I’m not playing.  Each time I slip it back in the case, I’m comforted seeing the humidity quickly rise to a comfortable range of about 50%. In addition, the system is quite versatile. If I need to travel with my shakuhachi, I can slip it inside a soft case with the humidity pack and meter and put that inside the hard case for more protection. While at home, it can stay in the hard case where the meter is visible through the clear plastic tube. I can’t imagine doing without it. It appreciate such a great product that is inexpensive and so versatile."

Bruce Alter
Shakuhachi Student. USA

"I took this flute with me while on tour. (It's a great way to wind down after heavy performances playing the drums.) Besides being played at home and in my recording studio, it's been played in multiple environments now ... including a waterfall by Mt. Hood, a very echoey pavilion in a public park, at a jam session with a bunch of renowned reggae musicians (they dug it), and more. It has a beautiful tone, including a very rich and robust RO that is at once big and focused. It is not hard to fill a room with the sound, with seemingly minimal effort—t could even be heard with amplified instruments! The tuning is perfect. Meri/kari is easy. Even "hard" notes like Tsu-Dai-Meri are not difficult on this instrument. It's also surprisingly light in weight. I was experiencing some fatigue with my earlier instrument,and I thought that was normal until I started playing this flute.

"I also must pay high compliments to the flute saver system. It works great! I never once had to stress while traveling with the flute. It kept a completely consistent relative humidity, no matter what climate I was in (between here and Portland, it's everything from high altitude mountains, to Idaho desert, and rainy coastal forest). I've tested it without the bag from time-to-time, of course, since the hygrometer only fits in the hard case. The gorgeous rattan bindings also add a sense of security for when I am traveling in various climates. I am definitely not worried about it cracking!

"Thank you again for making this for me, Monty. This is truly special. I hope to meet you someday. I'll send you a recorded sample as soon as I can give a performance worth keeping!"

Alex Platt
Shakuhachi Performer. USA

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