Reiko Obata


This comprehensive instructional 34-min DVD video taught by Reiko Obata will teach you how to begin making music on your koto immediately.
Comes with basic sheet music instruction for two Japanese songs, "Sakura" and "Kazoe Uta."

•How to care for your koto
• Parts of the koto
• How to make & wear your picks
•Proper playing positions How to tune your koto
•Basic koto techniques
•How to play 2 songs: Kazoe Uta & Sakura

34 minutes, NTSC Color 4:3 V-20

Reiko Obata is a Japanese-American koto performer based in Southern California. She began studying koto in 1980 under masters in the U.S. and Japan including Mde. Masazumi Mizuno in San Diego, Mde. Kayoko Wakita in Los Angeles and composer virtuoso Shinichi Yuize in Tokyo. Reiko has a master's degree in music from San Diego State University and a Japanese koto master's degree from the Seiha Conservatory of Japanese Music. Obata has taught World Music at San Diego Mesa College. A versatile and accomplished koto player, Obata has performed with many legendary jazz greats.

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