Ikuta Style

The contents of this excellent book which has many photographs and illustrations include:
A physical Description of the Koto and Accessories
Information on care and maintenance.
Performer and posture.
Koto notation.
Tuning the instrument.
Technical application: Fingering
Eleven exercises.
Two koto scores: Kazoe-Uta and Sakura.

30 pages. PG-K-1

Kayoko Wakita is a native Californian who received her music training from her parents who were both traditional Japanese musicians. Advanced studies with Yasuko Nakashima (Director of the Seiha School) and Shinichi Yuize further contributed to her growth and understanding of the instrument. Wakita earned two teaching degrees from the Seiha School while securing her Asian Studies degree from the University of Southern California and a Master's degree in western music from California State University at Los Angeles. She is Professor of Asian Studies and Counselor at Los Angeles City College and has directed the Wakita Koto Ensemble in concerts since 1963.

More information on the Koto and Sankyoku Music

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