TERUHISA FUKUDA was born in 1949 in Nagano Prefecture. He studied shakuhachi with Baizan Nakamura and Miyata Kohachiro. He is a member of the Pro Musica Nipponia and master teacher working to free the shakuhachi from its strict traditional setting.

He has performed with numerous famous Japanese orchestras including the NHK Symphony Orchestra. He has also performed at prestigious performances sponsored by famous groups like the National Theater, New Nippon Steel Culture Foundation, and Musical Foundation for Modern Music, Japan Federation of Composers, Orchestra Project and NHK.

Fukuda-sensei is a member of the Pro Musica Nipponiais and director of La Voie du Bambou in Paris, France.


Kinko-ryu shakuhachi honkyoku.

1. Hifumi Hachigaeshi no Shirabe
2.Mukaiji Reibo
3. Koku Reibo
4. Shin Kyorei / Banshiki
5. Sokaku Reibo
6. Yobikaeshi Shika no Tone

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with Izumi Mayumi (Piano)

Modern compositions for solo shakuhachi and one piece for shakuhachi and piano.

1. Kotobuki no Shirabe (Minyo)
2. Gin Yu ((Kineya Seiho)
3. Ran Gyoku (Higo Ichiro)
4. Fururu Takfue I (Izumi Koji)
5. Fururu Takfue II Pour Shakuhachi et Piano La Rencontre (Izumi Koji)
6. Lotus Fish for Shakuhachi and Go Stones (Sumi Atsuki)
7. Interference IV Pour Shakuhachi (Tamba Akira)

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S-F2d. GAKUONJYU with Shiho Kineya (Shamisen) [I]

Honkyoku, solo shakuhachi and a piece for shakuhachi & shamisen.

1. Shin Kyorei (Honkyoku)
2. Ichijo (Seiho Kineya)
3. Meikyo (Seiho Kineya)
4. Fish on Horizon [Shakuhachi & Shamisen] (Atsuki Sumi)
5. Shiki-soku-zeKu III (Choji Kaneta)
6. Syukon (Yoshiyuki Doi)

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Honkyoku and modern compositions for solo shakuhachi.

1. Shika no Tohne (Honkyoku)
2. Kumoi Jishi (Honkyoku)
3. Sokaku Reibo (Honkyoku)
4. Tsuyu no Eistudo [Etude for the Rainy Season[ (Jackie T. Gabel)
5. Johi Haku Un [Ascent into Bliss] (Yanagida Takayoshi )
6. Ten no Io [Fish from Heaven] (Sumi Atsuke)

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Modern compositions for solo shakuhachi.

1. Chino (Sumi Atsuke)
2. Fushoku II (Choji Kaneta)
3. Kyo Chiku (Koji Izumi)
4. The Rain in the Ancient Wilds (Yukiou Maeda)
5. Kokon (Yoshiyuki Doi)

Shakuhachi Sheet Music
Esprits Animaux - Vol. 1

(5-Line Staff Notation)

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with Takahashi Hisako, Suzuki Madoka, Nakamura Chikako & Yamauchi Rie

Modern compositions for shakuhachi in ensemble with string quartet.

1. Shikisokuzekuu [Shakuhachi & Violin] (Choji Kaneta)
2. Drawing [Shakuhachi, Violin & Violincello] (Yoshiyuki Doi)
3. Tomusu [Shakuhachi, Violin & Violincello] (Sumi Atsuke)
4. Via Air [Shakuhachi & String Quartet] (Kukiyama Naoshi)
5. The Music of the Different Origin (Koji Izumi)

Shakuhachi Sheet Music
Esprits Animaux - Vol. 2

(5-Line Staff Notation)

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Teruhisa Fukuda and his wife, Kineya Shiho, on shamisen perform three pieces: Shika no Tone, Yuki,and Shikisoku-zeku


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