Flutes Around the World

Martin Doyle Flutes. Irish flutes renowned for their ease of playing and quality of tone.

Peace Lane. A band in the Nethlands featuring Native American flute, didgeridoo and other ethnic instruments.

Rick & Kathy Wilson's Historical Flutes web site.

North Indian Bansuri. From David Philipson's informative site. Includes bansuri fingering chart.

Lee LaCroix is a maker of Native American flutes exquisitely crafted from exotic hardwoods.

The Didjeridu Resource . Complete information on the ancient Australian wind instrument.

Japanese Flute Homepage. Syogi Yamaguchi's site has excellent information, photos and links related to traditional side-blown flutes of Japan such as shinobue, ryoteki and nohkan. In English & Japanese.

Ward Stroud makes beautiful Native American flutes including a unique double-bore model.

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