Flute Making Links

Odd Music. A site devoted to makers of experimental musical instruments. Join the Odd Musicinternet mailing list.
. A great site devoted to woodwinds of all kinds.
Woodwind Quarterly, a journal of flute design and construction.
Experimental Musical Instruments website. A fantastic publication exploring the further reaches of instrument design and construction. Edited by Bart Hopkin.

Transverse Flutes
Mark Shepard's Flute Page. Making side-blown flutes from PVC and bamboo.
Mathematical Calculations Used for Flute Building.
Building Instructions for PVC Side-Blown Flutes.
Fife Making.
Some Successful Designs for Inexpensive PVC Flutes. Pete Kosel's very informative site.
Baroque Flute. "Science, Technology and the Art of Flutemaking in the Eighteenth Century" by Ardal Powell

End-Blown Flutes, Recorders & Pennywhistles
Flute Building Instructions for Recorders & End-Blown Flutes in PVC.
Pennywhistle in D  Construction

Native American Flute
Native American Love Flute. Step-by-step instructions.
FluteCraft is a company that sells inexpensive Native American Flute Kits from PVC for 5-Hole Lakota-Style Flutes.

Shakuhachi  and other Flutes from Japan
Tuning the Shakuhachi by Nelson Zink
How to m ake a Shakuhachi from plastic pipe. Tatsuaki Kuroda's great web site includes step-by-step instructions and notes on tuning. Download a free tuner and sound color analyzer as well.
How to Make Shakuhachi
Hogaku Journal: Traditional Japanese Music Magazine (Japanese) Focuses on all aspects of traditional music. Lots of information on shakuhachi with frequent articles on shakuhachi making.
Let's Make Shinobue. Yokobue is a catchall term for Japanese transverse flutes, including Shinobue, Ryuteki, Komabue & Nohkan.

Quena - South America
How to Make a South American Quena
Quena Fingering Chart
Roland Shambry's Starter End Blown Flute Building Instructions

Didgeridu (Yadaki)- Australia
Didge Design: Rules of Thumb for Designing Didgeridus by Nelson Zink

Making a Didgeridu from PVC Pipe by Matt Newby.

Building a quick and easy ABS didjeridu with Denver Greer.
Building a unique ABS didj with Tom Bray.
El Rayo explains the fine art of wood didj making.
Jesse Gay describes his method for making a wood yidaki.
Chris Wilson describes making bamboo didjeridus.
Making beeswax mouthpieces for the didgeridu.
Making a no wax mouthpiece.
Other techniques for didgeridu mouthpieces.

Shakuhachi Players & Teachers
Shakuhachi Schools & Organizations
Other Shakuhachi Related Sites
Koto & Shamisen Players & Teachers

Flutes Around the World
Bamboo Resources

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