G. S. Sachdev


2 DVD Set

Instructional DVD - Lecture Demonstration
Performance of Indian Classic Music

The first part of this DVD presents the knowledge and understanding of Indian classical music through lecture demonstration, followed by detailed instruction on how to play the bansuri, covering the basic techniques of holding, blowing and playing flat, natural and sharp notes.

Presented in this video are four ragas—Bilaval, Bhairav, Kafi and Kalyan—providing the opportunity to learn and play all 12 tones of the octave on the bansuri. Each raga is performed twice —first the scale, then each note. The first time is for listening and the second time for playing along. This tecnique will help the student to learn each piece as well as the basic tones used in classical Indian music.

The bansuri used in this video is tuned to the Tonic A/Key of E. Using this length flute, one's hands and fingers can easily stretch to cover the holes.

Approximately 75 miutes V-21 DVD Playable in All Regions Worldwide.

Also included in this 2-DVD set is a concert video entitled
SWAPAN: A Night in Berkeley
Live at St. John's Church

G.S. Sachdev, bansuri & Swapan Chaudhrui, tabla
Ragas featured are Mishra Kafi, Bihag & Punjab Folk

G. S. Sachdev began playing the Bansuri when he was 14 , and has created a rare form of instant communication with audiences through his music. Unlike many musicians , he has shied away from fusion , finding great pleasure and a sense of immense satisfaction with the rigors of infinite exploration within traditional pure classical Indian music. Beyond his worldwide live performances , Sachdev’s music is thoroughly enjoyed in yoga studios , meditation ashrams , massage rooms , spiritual centers and homes everywhere imaginable. His music is considered an antidote to stress , fatigue and cynicism. Sachdev’s frequent world tours and recordings have won him many laurels and made him an internationally renowned legend respected by musicians and audiences in all realms of world music today. G. S. Sachdev was awarded the prestigious Shiromani Sangeetkar of 2008 by the government of Punjab, India


“We are fortunate to have such a fine musician as GS Sachdev in our presence” - George Harrison

“I admire his ability to touch the spirit of the raga he performs and also to move the listeners emotionally with his pure and classical approach” - Ravi Shankar

“... haunting performance ... the sound of his flute rings with an indescribable purity” - New York Times

“Sachdev¹s playing is the most sensitive I have ever heard. The metal flute is just not capable of the subtleties and nuances produced by the Bamboo flute. It is truly transcendental music” - Paul Horn

“Sachdev¹s natural simplicity and crystal clarity transcends all boundaries of technique and form. He caresses your mind with the sweet voice of his flute, leading you into worlds of ultimate pleasure, beauty and peace” - Alternatives Magazine

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