Takashi Tokuyama
Shakuhachi Honkyoku Sheet Music
(In Kinko Ryu Notation)

Takashi Tokuyama is the founder of the Tokuyama Honkyoku Kai in Tokyo. He has traveled throughout Japan researching and transcribing honkyoku, some of which are rare and known only to a few surviving players.

Tokuyama has published many of the oldest known pieces of "original" shakuhachi music. His sheet music series comes in four sets which correspond to the degree of complexity and order in which the pieces are learned by students at his school.

All music is written in the Japanese cursive style and comes with an English translation of Tokuyama's notes on fingering, breath and chin technique.

4 Sets - 126 Handwritten Scores - 5 CDs
In Kinko Ryu Notation

YELLOW SERIES - Beginner Level
GREEN SERIES - Intermediate Level
RED SERIES - Advanced Level
GOLD SERIES - Master Level: "Initiation into the Secrets"

Now available! 5 CDs of Tokuyama's Honkyoku that include several of the titles listed below.

Tokuyama Shakuhachi Honkyoku CDs: Liner Notes

Volume I - Hi Kyoku
Volume II - Korei
Volume III - Shumi
Volume IV - Michi

Volume V - Kumoi


Tokuyama Guide to Playing Classical Shakuhachi Honkyoku

A guide to help understand and interpret the nuances of Tokuyama's Kinko Honkyoku notation. Incudes detailed information on Fingering, Chin Technique, Breath Technique, Atari Attack, and Fingering Chart. 8 Pages.

Takashi Tokuyama Shakuhachi Honkyoku CDs

Volume I - Hi Kyoku
Volume II - Korei
Volume III - Shumi
Volume IV - Michi
Volume V - Kumoi

Takashi Tokuyama Beginner's Playing Guide

Také no Michi, Shakuhachi Honkyoku Beginner's Playing Guide

Tokuyama Sheet Music Listed by Level

    Click on the titles to see a summary of each honkyoku piece.

YELLOW SERIES - Beginner Level

 Item # Title  Recored On
Y-1 Cho Shi Hi Fu Mi no Shirabe Hachigaeshi Hi Kyoku
Y-2 Sankara Sugagaki Kyorei
Y-3 Shinpo Ryu Hachigaeshi Michi
Y-4 Ichigetsuji den Hachigaeshi Michi
Y-5 Echigomeianji Hachigaeshi Michi
Y-6 Eko Otai Koteki Oteki Not Recorded
Y-7 Yamato Choshi Kumoi
Y-8 Takane Take Shirabe Kumoi
Y-9 Banshiki Not Recorded
Y-10 Betsuden Hi Fu Mi no Shirabe Not Recorded
Y-11 Take Shirabe no Kyoku Not Recorded
Y-12 Matsukaze Shin no Shirabe Not Recorded
Y-13 Seiganmon Not Recorded
Y-14 Zangemon Not Recorded
Y-15 Shokomon Not Recorded
Y-16 Tehodoki Reiho Not Recorded
Y-17 Shin Butsu Kugyo Not Recorded
Y-18 Shin Seki Not Recorded
Y-19 Garyoken Take Shirabe Kumoi
Newly Published (2014)
Y-20 Ne To Ri    音調理 Not Recorded

GREEN SERIES - Intermediate Level
 Item # Title  Recored On
G-1 Murasakino no Kyoku  Kyorei
G-2 Sa Shi (Version #1)  Hi Kyoku
G-3 Kumoijishi  Shumi
G-4 Akebono no Shirabe  Hi Kyoku
G-5 Kokokuji den Sagariha Michi
G-6 Yoshiya Shumi
G-7 Hokkoku Reibo Shumi
G -8 Kyushu Reibo Hi Kyoku
G -9 Iyo Renbo Hi Kyoku
G-10 Renbo Nagashi Kyorei
G-11 Sagariha Not Recorded
G-12 Sanya Shumi
G-13 Oshu Reibo  Michi
G-14 Tamuke Gyo Kyorei
G-15 Tsuru no Sugomori  Michi
G-16 Akita Sugagaki Hi Kyoku
G-17 Takiochi  Kyorei
G-18 Horai  Hi Kyoku
G-19 Nezasaha Kinpu Ryu Shirabe  Live at Hosshinji Temple
G-20 Chiku Go Sashi  Kumoi
G-21 Takane Sashi  Kumoi
G-22 Azuma no Kyoku  Kumoi
G-23 Shimotsuke no Kyoku  Kumoi
G-24 Uta Renbo  Kumoi
G-25 Koro Sugagaki  Kumoi
G-26 Neri Sashi  Kumoi
G-27 Yugure no Kyoku  Not Recorded
G-28 Izu Reiho  Not Recorded
G-29 Kyo Taku  Not Recorded
G-30 Sakigake no Kyoku  Not Recorded
G-31 Banji  Not Recorded
G-32 Kongo  Not Recorded
G-33 Mutsu Reibo  Not Recorded
G-34 Tamuke Shin no Te  Not Recorded
G-35 Somaku Sha  Not Recorded
G-36 Sa Shi (Version #2)  Not Recorded
G-37 Shizu  Not Recorded
G-38 Kaku Suirei  Not Recorded
G-39 Shi Shi Odori  Not Recorded
G-40 Kinko Ryu Azuma Jishi  Not Recorded
G-41 Kyorei Ho  Not Recorded
G-42 Oshu Nagashi  Not Recorded
G-43 Sanya Nagashi  Not Recorded
G-44 Icchokenden Koku  Not Recorded
G-45 Chiku Go Sa Shi Not Recorded
G-46 Kinko Ryu Sanya Sugagaki Not Recorded
G-47 Kinko Ryu Kumoi Jishi Not Recorded
Newly Published (2014)
G-48 Sakae-jishi 栄獅子 Not Recorded
G-49 Koden Sohkaku 古伝巣鶴  Not Recorded
G-50 Koten Honkyoku Shika no Tohne 古典本曲 鹿之遠音  Not Recorded
G-51 Nezasa-ha Kinpu-ryu Akebono Choshi Shirabe 根笹派錦風流 曙調子 調  Not Recorded
G-52 Nezasa-ha Kinpu-ryu Akebono Choshi Sagariha 根笹派錦風流 曙調子 下り葉  Not Recorded
G-53 Nezasa-ha Kinpu-ryu Akebono Choshi Matsukaze 根笹派錦風流 曙調子 松風  Not Recorded
G-54 Nezasa-ha Kinpu-ryu Akebono Choshi Sanya-sugagaki 根笹派錦風流 曙調子 三谷清攬      Not Recorded
G-55 Nezasa-ha Kinpu-ryu Kumoi Choshi Shirabe 根笹派錦風流 雲井調子 調  Not Recorded
G-56 Nezasa-ha Kinpu-ryu Kumoi Choshi Sagariha 根笹派錦風流 雲井調子 下り葉  Not Recorded
G-57 Nezasa-ha Kinpu-ryu Kumoi Choshi Matsukaze 根笹派錦風流 雲井調子 松風  Not Recorded
G-58 Nezasa-ha Kinpu-ryu Kumoi Choshi Sanya-sugagaki 根笹派錦風流 雲井調子 三谷清攬  Not Recorded
G-59 Mugen-ryu Gohshiki-rei 無限流 合式礼  Not Recorded
G-60 Mugen-ryu Ohshu Reibo 無限流 奥州鈴慕  Not Recorded
G-61 Mugen-ryu Renbo Nagashi 無限流 恋慕流 Not Recorded
G-62 Nyoi 如意 Not Recorded
G-63 Monbiraki 門開 Not Recorded
G-64 Yoshiya 善哉 Not Recorded
G-65 Uchinami 打波 Not Recorded

RED SERIES - Advanced Level
 Item # Title  Recored On
R-1 Shin no Kyorei  Michi
R-2 Mukaiji  Shumi
R-3 Kyorei  Kyorei
R-4 Oshu Sashi  Kyorei
R-5 Futaiken Sanya  Michi
R-6 Koku  Hi Kyoku
R-7 Ajikan  Shumi
R-8 Futaiken Reibo  Kumoi
Newly Published (2014)
R-9 Gyoh Koku 行 虚空 Not Recorded
R-10 Gyoh Kyorei 行 虚鈴  Not Recorded
R-11 Gyoh Mukaiji 行 霧海じ  Not Recorded
R-12 Soh Koku 草 虚空  Not Recorded
R-13 Soh Mukaiji 草 霧海じ  Not Recorded
R-14 Nezasa-ha Kinpu-ryu Shishi 根笹派錦風流 獅子  Not Recorded
R-15 Nezasa-ha Kinpu-ryu Tohri Kadozuke Hachigaeshi 根笹派錦風流 通り門附鉢返  Not Recorded
R-16 Nezasa-ha Kinpu-ryu Akebono Choshi Tohri Kadozuke Hachigaeshi 根笹派錦風流 曙調子   Not Recorded
R-17 Nezasa-ha Kinpu-ryu Kumoi Choshi Tohri Kadozuke Hachigaeshi 根笹派錦風流 雲井調子 通り門附鉢返  Not Recorded
R-18 Hohkyo Koku 鳳叫虚空  Not Recorded
R-19 Ryohgin Koku 龍吟虚空  Not Recorded
R-20 Koshoh Koku 虎嘯 虚空  Not Recorded
R-21 Kinko-ryu Honkyoku Banshiki Cho 琴古流本曲 盤渉調  Not Recorded
R-22 Myouan Shinpoh-ryu Shin Koku 明暗真法流 真虚空 Not Recorded
R-23 Myouan Shinpoh-ryu Shin Mukaiji (2 pages) 明暗真法流 真霧海じ Not Recorded
R-24 Entsuji Reibo 円通寺鈴慕 Not Recorded
R-25 Yoshitsune Reibo 義経鈴慕 Not Recorded
R-26 Ikkan-ryu Nagashi Rokudan 一閑流 流し六段 Not Recorded
R-27 Kangetsu 観月 Not Recorded
R-28 Dai ni Kangetsu  第二観月 Not Recorded
R-29 Shinhichi-Sashi  新七薩慈 Not Recorded


GOLD SERIES - Master Level: "Initiation into the Secrets"

The Gold Series Master Level scores represent the most intricate and demanding honkyoku collected and arranged by Takashi Tokuyama-sensei. Hence, his belief that undertaking the study of this music initiates the player into the deepest secrets of shakuhachi Koten Honkyoku, revealed only in the process of mastering these pieces.

Tokuyama writes:

"A cursory glance at this sheet music would lead most players to feel that understanding these honkyoku is impossible through the notation alone, and learning them daunting without the help of a master. Their complexity and subtle nuance are difficult to grasp even with the aid of teacher directing the learning process. For this reason, I have hesitated to use them, even with my students in Japan. In progressing from the Yellow Beginner, through the Green Intermediate, to the Red Advanced level scores, there is much learning to accomplish and arduous practice that a player must endure. Only through this progression can one go beyond a surface imitation of the music as embodied in tempo, rhythm and atmosphere of each piece, and begin to approach these master level honkyoku.

"As you probably know, shakuhachi has increased in popularity in Japan and around the world. In spite of this, very few players have a deep understanding of Koten Honkyoku due to diverse unorthodox approaches to the music that prevail in Japan today. As time passes, the task of preserving all aspects traditional Japanese culture has become increasing more difficult. This applies to shakuhachi as well. With this in mind, and in spite of the obstacles to overcome, I have decided to publish the Gold Series-Master Level scores with hopes of inspiring shakuhachi players in Japan and abroad to challenge the very conservative state of Japanese society. I have made every effort to delineate and clearly express the most subtle and complicated parts of these honkyoku pieces. This amounts to my final effort in preserving the most formidable parts of honkyoku that originated in several regions of Japan. Without completion of this work, revealing the most inscrutable "secret" parts of Koten Honkyoku, this ancient tradition will disappear and be lost forever."

 Item # Title  Recored On
Newly Published (2014)
M-1 Shohgan-ken Reibo (2 pages) 松厳軒 鈴慕 Not Recorded
M-2 Kinko-ryu Honkyoku Shika no Tohne 琴古流本曲 鹿之遠音  Not Recorded
M-3 Kinko-ryu Honkyoku Sohkaku Reibo 琴古流本曲 巣鶴鈴慕  Not Recorded
M-4 Kishu Shinryoh-den Tsuru no Sugomori 紀州真龍伝 鶴之巣籠  Not Recorded
M-5 Myouan Shinpoh-ryu Tsuru no Sugomori (2 pages) 明暗真法流 鶴之巣籠  Not Recorded
M-6 Ohshu-den Tsuru no Sugomori 奥州伝 鶴之巣籠  Not Recorded
M-7 Nezasa-ha Kinpuh-ryu Nagashi Reibo 根笹派錦風流 流し鈴慕  Not Recorded
M-8 Nezasa-ha Kinpuh-ryu Akebono Choshi Nagashi Reibo (2 pages) 根笹派錦風流 曙調子 流し鈴慕  Not Recorded
M-9 Nezasa-ha Kinpuh-ryu Kumoi Choshi Nagashi Reibo 根笹派錦風流 雲井調子 流し鈴慕  Not Recorded
M-10 Echigo Reibo 越後鈴慕  Not Recorded
M-11 Echigo Sanya 越後三谷  Not Recorded
M-12 Nezasa-ha Kinpuh-ryu Koku (2 pages) 根笹派錦風流 虚空  Not Recorded

Tokuyama Sheet Music Listed by Recording

Click on the titles to see a summary of each honkyoku piece.

    HI KYOKU - Volume 1

 Item # Title Set
Y-1 Cho Shi Hi Fu Mi no Shirabe Hachigaeshi Yellow
G-2 Sa Shi (Version #1) Green
G-4 Akebono no Shirabe Green
G -8 Kyushu Reibo Green
G -9 Iyo Renbo Green
G-16 Akita Sugagaki Green
G-18 Horai Green
R-6 Koku Red

    KOREI - Volume 2

 Item # Title Set
Y-2 Sankara Sugagaki Yellow
G-1 Murasakino no Kyoku Green
G-10 Renbo Nagashi Green
G-17 Takiochi Green
G-14 Tamuke Gyo Green
 R-3 Kyorei Red
 R-4 Oshu Sashi Red
 Item # Title Set
G-3 Kumoijishi Green
G-6 Yoshiya Green
G-7 Hokkoku Reibo Green
G-12 Sanya Green
R-2 Mukaiji Red
R-7 Ajikan Red

    SHUMI - Volume 3

 Item # Title Set
Y-3 Shinpo Ryu Hachigaeshi Yellow
Y-4 Ichigetsuji den Hachigaeshi Yellow
Y-5 Echigomeianji Hachigaeshi Yellow
G-5 Kokokuji den Sagariha Green
G-13 Oshu Reibo Green
G-15 Tsuru no Sugomori Green
R-1 Shin no Kyorei Red
R-5 Futaiken Sanya Red

    MICHI - Volume 4

 Item # Title Set
Y-7 Yamato Choshi Yellow
Y-8 Takane Take Shirabe Yellow
Y-19 Garyoken Take Shirabe Yellow
G-20 Chiku Go Sashi Green
G-21 Takane Sashi Green
G-22 Azuma no Kyoku Green
G-23 Shimotsuke no Kyoku Green
G-24 Uta Renbo Green
G-25 Koro Sugagaki Green
G-26 Neri Sashi Green
R-8 Futaiken Reibo Red

    KUMOI - Volume 5

 Item #   Title Set
Y-1 Choshi 調子 Yellow
R-7 Koku 虚空 Red
G-15 Tsuru no Sugomori 鶴之巣籠 Green
R-8 Futaiken Reibo 布袋軒鈴慕 Red
G-1 Murasakino no Kyoku 紫野之曲 Green
G-19 Nezasaha Kimpu Ryu Shirabe 根笹派錦風流 調 Green
G-11 Sagariha 下り葉 Green
Y-7 Yamato Choshi 大和調子 Yellow
R-7 Ajikan 阿字観 Red
G-14 Tamuke Gyo 手向 Green

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