MAMINO UNRYU YORITA / 寄田 雲龍 真見乃 is a truly remarkable shakuhachi player and a prodigy of the highest order. In 2006, at the age of 15, she became the youngest woman ever to be awarded a Shihan by the Tozan-ryu. This extraordingary accomplishment was acknowledged by the press throughout Japan. Wanting to learn classical shakuhachi, Mamino began studying Kinko ryu honkyokuwith Yoshinobu Taniguchi soon thereafter. She has also studied with Living National Treasure Aoki Reibo and Katsuya Yokoyama, who referred to her as a "genius". Her remarkable accomplishments testify to this fact. In just one year, she passed the Dai shihan (Grandmaster) exam (Kinko-ryu) and in 2008, passed the Dai shihan (Grand Master) exam (Watazumido, Fuke Meian ryu, Koden classical shakuhachi and Azuma ryu). At the age of 18, even before graduating from high school, Mamino received the Meiyo Dai Shihan rank (Honorable Grand Master), an achievement that was totally unprecedented. In 2009, she gained admission to Tokyo Geijutsu Daigaku (Tokyo University of the Arts) where she presently studies shakuhachi.

MAIDEN VOYAGE - 初音 / はつね

1. Hon Shirabe - 本調
2. Tamuke - 手向
3. Shin no Eko - 真の回向
4. Sou no Eko - 艸の回向
5. Godan Sugomori - 五段巣籠
6. Koden Sugomori - 古伝巣籠
7. Shika no Tone (Solo)- 鹿の遠音 (独奏)
8. Kumoi Jishi - 雲井獅子
9. Shika no Tone (Duet) - 鹿の遠音 (二重奏)
Shakuhachi 1: Yoshinobu Taniguchi / Shakuhachi 2: Mamino Yorita
尺八1:谷口嘉信 / 尺八2:寄田真見乃

10. Henro - 遍路
(Composed by Kineya Seiho) (杵屋正邦)
Shakuhachi 1: Yoshinobu Taniguchi / Shakuhachi 2: Mamino Yorita
尺八1:谷口嘉信 / 尺八2:寄田真見乃

Recommendation by Yoshinobu Taniguchi

"My first meeting with Mamino Yorita at the Meianji shakuhachi memorial concert had the feeling of destiny. I played an ancient pilgrim’s song that moved her to tears. At the time, Mamino was only 15 years old although she had already achieved the rank of Master of the Tozan ryu. More importantly, it was very clear to me that she had a very pure spirit. Since then, Mamino has studied with me for the past four years during which time she received the rank of Meiyo Dai Shihan (Honorable Grandmaster) in all shakuhachi styles.Through our collaboration she has mastered all 36 Kinko ryu honkyoku, all the Kinko sankyoku (ensemble) pieces, all of the classical Watazumido honkyoku, all of the Fuke Meian pieces, modern music, lyrical scores from around the world, lullabies and Azuma-ryu compositions by Fukuda Rando. Right now she is studying at the most prestigeous music school in Japan, Tokyo University of the Arts. I consider her to be a great blessing and am confident that she will soon be widely acknowledged as a leader in the shakuhachi world."

- Yoshinobu Taniguchi

One of the foremost living masters of shakuhachi in Japan today, Taniguchi-sensei studied under three great pillars of shakuhachi—Aoki Reibo, Yamaguchi Goro and Yokoyama Katsuya. He is a recipient of the transmission of Koden honkyoku through Watazumido Doso Roshi and Yokoyama Katsuya.


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