KOKU NISHIMURA (1915-2002) began playing the bamboo flute when he was 28 years old. He was taught by a Japanese Komuso monk named Kyochiku Tani. Later, Koku Nishimura became a master flutist and founded the Tani-sect. He named the special type of bamboo flute used by himself and his student "kyotaku". Nishimura-sensei became a Komuso and for a decade traveled around Japan on foot playing kyotaku. He had made of 2,000 instruments and was also a master wood carver, painter and earned black belts with very high rankings in Okinawan karate and Kendo. Koku Nishimura was the Honorary Director of the Ruo-yan Buddhist Association in China.

Honkyoku performed long kyotaku flutes.

1. Choshi (Myoan Shinpo Ryu) - 調子
2. Ajikan (Itchoken) - 阿字観
3. Reibo - 霊慕
4. Chôshi (Yamato) - 調子 (大和)
5 Saji - 薩慈

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