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Koten Honkyoku
Jin Nyodo
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6 CD Set
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Jin Nyodo (1891-1966) one of the most famous shakuhachi players in Japanese history and is a direct descendant in the lineage of the Fuke sect. While his interpretation is the Koten Honkyoku is unique and unparalleled, Jin Nyodo's playing reflects directly back to the origins of this ancient music.

39 Koten Honkyoku by Jin Nyodo

In 1980 the original 39 Koten Honkyoku by Jin Nyodo was award the "Outstanding Album of the Year" award by Japanese Ministry of Education. Later on, ten more pieces were found and included in this newly-issued set of recordings, published by Jin Nyodo's son, Jin Nyosei.

This 6 CD Set comes with a 128-page book (in Japanese) which includes articles on the following subjects:

Historical background of the Honkyoku.
Essay by Jin Nyosei about his father.
Description and comments related to each Honkyoku piece.
Articles written by shakuhachi scholars.
Impressions of Jin Nyodo's life, character and the uniqueness of his shakuhachi playing.

Jin Nyodo's boxed set of honkyoku music scores using a graphic visual format is now available. This long-awaited 60-piece shakuhachi sheet music series is beautifully calligraphed by Jin Nyodo's own hand.

Following is a list of each honkyoku recorded in this set preceded the style of the sect in which each piece is played and followed by the size shakuhachi used on the recording.

 CD #1
1  Nezasaha Shirabe h@ 1.8'
2  Nezasaha Sagariha h@t 1.8'
3  Nezasaha Sanya Seiran h@OJ 2.1'
4  Nezasaha Tori Kadotsuke Hachigaeshi h@ʂ@t@Ԃ 2.3'
5  Nezasaha Nagashi Reibo h@ 2.3'
6  Nezasaha Matsukaze h@ 2.3'
7  Nezasaha Shi Shi h@q 2.3'
 Added 1  Nezasaha Sanya Seiran h@OJ@ 2.0' (Added)
CD #2
8 Nezasaha Shirabe Koku h@@ 2.3'
9 Nezasaha Shirabe Sagariha (Urachoshi) h@@tiqj 2.1'
10 Nezasaha Matsukaze (Urachoshi) h@iqj 2.0'
11 Jin Nyodo Shokyoku Daiwagaku _@ȁ@ay 1.8'
12 Ikkan Ryu Ikkan Ryu Rokudan ՗@՗Zi 1.7'
13 Echigo Myoanji Sanya z㖾Î@OJ 2.1'
14 Jin Nyodo Shokyoku Mujushikyoku _@ȁ@ZS 2.3'
Added 2 Nezasaha Nagashi Reibo h@ 1.9'
Added 3 Nezasaha Matsukaze h@ 1.6'
CD #3
15 Renpoken Hi Kyoku Tsuru no Sugomori @F@ȁ@ߔV 2.1'
16 Futaiten Sanya z܌@OJ 2.1'
17 Futaiken Reibo z܌@ 2.3'
18 Shoganken Reibo ތ@ 2.1'
19 Kinko Ryu Banshikicho Ռ×@Տ’ 1.9'
Added 4 Futaiken Reibo 1.9'
 CD #4
20 Kinko Ryu Shika no Tone Ռ×@V 1.9'
21 Kinko Ryu Hi Fu Mi Hachigaeshi no Shirabe Ռ×@OԂV 1.8"
22 Kinko Ryu Sanya Sugagaki Ռ×@OJ_ 1.8'
23 Rogenji Takiochi 댹@뗎 2.1'
24 Fudaiji Tsuru no Sugomori 厛@ߔV 1.8'
Added 5 Kinko Ryu Sokaku Reibo Ռ×@ߗ 1.8'
Added 6 Kinko Ryu Yugure no Kyoku Ռ×@[̋ 1.8
 CD #5
25 Fudaiji Koku 厛@ 2.1'
26 Fudaiji Mukaiji 厛@C 2.0'
27 Fudaiji Choshi 厛@q 1.8'
28 (Sect Unknown) Yobitake Uketake `sځ@Ăђ|󂯒| 2.5'
29 Fudaiji Kyorei 厛@ 2.8'
30 Kyoto Myoanji Choshi sÎ@q 2.7'
31 Kyoto Myoanji Darani sÎ@ɗ 2.5'
32 Kyoto Myoanji Murasaki Reiho sÎ@@ 2.2'
Added 7 Nezasaha Shirabe Shi Shi h@@q 1.9'
Added 8 Jin Nyodo Shokyoku Mujushinkyoku _@ȁ@ZS 2.0'
 CD #6
33 Kyoto Myoanji Tsuru no Sugomori sÎ@ߔV 2.1'
34 Kokutaiji Horai ׎@H 1.9'
35 Ichoken Ajikan ꒩@ 2.1'
36 Ichoken Sa Shi ꒩@F 1.8'
37 Ichoken Banshiki ꒩@Տ 1.9'
38 Ichoken Azuma no Kyoku ꒩@ȔV 1.8'
39 Ichoken Kumoijishi ꒩@_䎂q 1.8'
Added 9 Ichoken Ajikan ꒩@ 1.9'
Added 10  (Sect Unknown) Tsuru no Sugomori `s@ߔV 2.0'
 Sheet Music in Set but not Recorded on CD
  Kinko Ryu Akita Sugagaki Ռ×@Hc _  
  Kinko Ryu Tsuki no Kyoku Ռ×@̋  
  Kinko Ryu Ripoken Chikugo Sashi Ռ×@} F  
  Iyo Renbo ɗ\@  
  Somakusha h  
  Kinko Ryu Ginryu Koku Ռ×@ᗴ@  

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Sheet Music Samples

Nezasaha Sanya Seiran
Complete Score

Nezasaha Sanya Seiran

Kinko Ryu Shika no Tone
Complete Score

Kinko Ryu Shika no Tone

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