John Kaizan Neptune

A Tozan Playing Guide


This shakuhachi playing guide is the only one of its kind in English that covers the Tozan-ryu, the most popular sect in Japan today. It includes historical information on the shakuhachi, notes on the care of the instrument, tone production as well as an analysis of the Tozan Ryu notation system and playing techniques. Exercises in both Japanese cursive and 5-line staffWestern notation are included along with a supplementary fingering chart. A 60-minute compact disk keyed to the 33 exercises accompanies this edition.

68 pages. PG-8

John Kaizan Neptune is acknowledged in Japan as one of the most gifted players and composers of modern shakuhachi music. He is also a maker of very fine instruments and has done extensive research into the acoustical physics of the shakuhachi. A graduate of the University of Hawaii Ethnomusicology Program, John holds a shihan from the Tozan Ryu. He has recorded over 15 albums which combine modern jazz improvisation with traditional aspects of shakuhachi music. His recording Bamboo received the Outstanding Album of the Year award from the Japanese Ministry of Education in 1980. This is an honor never before bestowed upon a foreigner or jazz album.

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