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Tai Hei Shakuhachi Flutes Price List

Shakuhachi In Stock & Currently For Sale
North Indian Bansuri Flutes
Special Edition Bansuri Flutes 
South American Kena Flutes
Chinese Dizi Flutes (Imported)
Chinese D'Tzu Flutes (Domestic)
Native North American Flutes
South American Panpipes

Tai Hei Shakuhachi Flutes Price List
Beginner, Student & Professional Quality Shakuhachi Flutes - Made by Monty H. Levenson

Shakuhachi In Stock & Currently For Sale

A listing of Tai Hei Shakuhachi on-hand and available for immediate delivery.

North Indian Bansuri Flutes

Professional Quality - Made by Jeff Whittier
 Model # * Tonic (Sa) Key  Length 6-Holes 7-Holes
 AF-1 C 14"  $55.00  $60.00
 AF-2 E B 15"  $60.00  $65.00
 AF-3 D# B Flat 16"  $65.00 $70.00
 AF-4 D A 17"  $70.00 $75.00
 AF-5 C# G# 18" $75.00 $80.00
 AF-6 C G 19" $80.00 $85.00
 AF-7 B F# 20" $90.00 $95.00
 AF-8 A# F 21" $90.00 $100.00
 AF-9  A E 22" $105.00 $120.00
 AF-10 G#  D# 23" $125.00 $135.00
 AF-11 G D 24" $140.00 $150.00
 AF-12 F# C# 25" $155.00 $165.00
 AF-13 F C 26" $170.00 $180.00
 AF-14 E B 27" $195.00 $205.00
 AF-15 D# A# 28" $220.00 $230.00
 AF-16 D A 29" $245.00 $255.00
 AF-17 G# C# 33" $305.00 N/A
 AF-18 G C 34" $350.00 N/A

*The tonic of the bansuri is the note sounded when 3 finger-holes are closed. Some people consider the note sounded when 6 finger-holes are closed to be the note which determines the key of the flute. Thus, the same flute may be called either tonic (Sa) C or key of G, for instance.

Bansuri made from specially-selected rare Indian bamboo - Add $40.00

Special Edition Bansuri Flutes

Professional Quality - Made by Jeff Whittier
Model #
Name & Description
The flutes used by Pt. Hariprasad are wide-bore bansuris which are designed to favor the lowest notes of the 2 1/2 octave range. They are crafted with six finger holes, and a seventh tuning hole under the flute which sounds the lowest note. This is an old design style of bansuri often used for folk flutes. This style is available with the Tonic of E or D#, the sizes Hariprasad has most often used.

A small piccolo-sized small flute like the ones used by Hariprasad Chaurasia for folk music pieces to end his concerts. May be ordered as a pair with the longer Hariprasad style flute, insuring exact compatibility of pitch. Made in the Key of E/Tonic A, the hole sounded when six holes closed is the High Sa, or tonic E, of the longer Hariprasad flute. Also available in the Key of D#.

Sachdev's flutes are much narrower than Hariprasad's and are designed to produce a full 3 octave range. Because of the narrow bore, they favor the upper notes. Such musicians as Panna Lal Ghosh and Vijay Raghav Rao, Sachdev's teacher, pioneered the use of the third octave on the bansuri, and this necessitates a narrower flute, somewhat similar to the silver flute in this respect. Sachdev performs on an F flute with seven finger holes, the lowest being fingered by the little finger of the right hand. This design is available in the tonics F#, F, and E.
The inventor of the modern seven hole bansuri was Panna Lal Ghosh who died in 1960 at the age of 49. His flutes were of a wider bore than the ones used by Sachdev, but also feature a seventh hole, set in a slightly different position. They have somewhat larger finger holes as well. A flute of this style made by Jeff Whittier is used by David
Philipson, the American representative of the Panna Lal Ghosh tradition. This model flute is available in the tonics F#, F, E, D# and "Calcutta D#" - a note between D# and E which is often used in India. Panna Lal recorded using all these pitches.
A seven finger hole bansuri in the narrow bore with the tonic G is the bamboo flute most similar to the western instrument. Three holes covered sounds the note G while six finger holes covered sounds the note D.

All of the Special Edition Bansuri are made from specially-selected rare Indian bamboo.

South American Kena Flutes

Made by Jeff Whittier

 Model #


WK-1  KEY OF G  $75.00
WK-2  KEY OF D  $100.00
WK-3 Other Keys by Special Order  $125.00

Chinese Dizi Flutes

Made by a professional craftsman in China

Tim Liu, HOW TO PLAY THE DIZI: A Complete Instructional Course for the Chinese Bamboo Flute PG-14
- This program & dimo pasting video with a dizi flute made in China:
PG-14a - With Standard quality bamboo flute $295.00
PG-14b - With Specially-selected bamboo flute $395.00
PG-14c - With Professional quality bamboo flute $495.00
(Video available in DVD or VHS. Please specify.)
- Dizi flute without the program:
DC -1 - Standard quality bamboo flute $125.00
DC -2 - Specially-selected bamboo flute $225.00
DC -3 - Professional quality bamboo flute $325.00
PG-14d -This program & dimo pasting video alone without a dizi flute.: $255.00
PG-14e - Dimo pasting video alone.: $35.00 (Video available in DVD or VHS. Please specify.)

Chinese D'Tzu Flutes

Made by Jeff Whittier
Available in the following keys (from long to short)
F, G, G#, A, A#, B, C, C#, D, D#, E and F
Other keys available on special order.

AF-2N - $135.00
AF-2R - Rice Paper included with each flute. Extra Package - $2.50
AF-2D - Dimo Paste - $5.00

South American Panpipes

 Model # Model Name Rows  Pipes   *Size Price
PP-1 Antara 1 15 12 1/2" $35.00
PP-2 Chuli 2 15 7" $35.00
PP-3 Malta 2 15 13 1/2" $45.00
PP-4 Sanka 2 13 23" $55.00

(*Size in inches indicates length of longest pipe in series.)

Flute Bags

AC-5B - Custom-made for North Indian Bansuri, Native American Flute and Chinese D'Tzu- $30.00

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