D'Tzu / Dizio

Traditonal Bamboo Flute of China

(The name D'Tzu can also be spelled Dizi)


These D'Tzu are available in the following keys (from large to small): F, G, G#, A, A#, B, C, C#, D, D#, E, F and F#. Rice papers are included with each flute. Additional packages and Dimo Paste available. [AF-2]

Jeff Whittier's D'tzus were chosen over many other bamboo flutes, including those imported from China, by the composer of "Miss Saigon" for use in his musical. In a blind audition held by the flautist for the musical, Lisha McDuff, Claude-Michel Schonberg chose these flutes for their purity of tone and superior intonation. His exact words were, "That's the sound I'm looking for."

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D'Tzu Flutes made by Jeff Whittier
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DIZI FLUTES - Made in China

The dizi is a traditional Chinese transverse flute made with six holes and tuned to a diatonic major scale. A tone hole covered with a rice paper membrane gives this instrument its characteristic buzzing sound.
Three models available made from Standard, Specially-Selected and Professional quality bamboo
Comes with cloth bag, rice paper and bai-chi herbal glue.

These dizi flute can be ordered alone or with
Tim Liu, HOW TO PLAY THE DIZI: A Complete Instructional Course for the Chinese Bamboo Flute PG-14

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D'Tzu Flutes made in China
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