#AV-18-8 Restored Vintage Shakuhachi In Stock & Currently For Sale


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AV-18-8 1.8' D Tozan-ryu. Very rare shakuhachi inscribed with the hanko of Miyagawa Nyozan, 35th generation Meian-ry komuso from the Itcho-ken temple. Nyozan is best known as the composer of the revered honkyoku, Ajikan 阿字観. This composition, one of the most famous in the entire shakuhachi repertory, is played by nearly everyone who performs traditional honkyoku."Complete restored and upgraded. Excellent condition other than a small hairline crack below 4th finger hole repaired with inliad rattan binding. Qualifies for the lifetime guarantee.
Before & After Photos of the Restoration
as well as information on Miyagawa Nyozan

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