Andrew Taher


Ancient Flute of the Andes

Instructional Manual

LEARN TO PLAY THE SIKU. This book contains the beginning techniques necessary to master the South American pan-flute. Graphic representations help the student learn 16 traditional melodies. The booklet also includes interesting tips on tuning, care and the history of this unique instrument. Comes with accompanying CD.

52 pages. PG-20

Andrew Taher plays wind instruments for Andean Nation. He formed the group in San Francisco, California, in 1995 after playing with Markahuasi for four years. Born in the United States, Andrew was raised most of his life overseas as the child of a Foreign Service Officer. He spent his high school years in Santiago, Chile, where he became fluent in Spanish and had the opportunity to travel in neighboring countries Peru, Bolivia and Argentina. Andrew has resided in Tijeras, New Mexico since 1996.

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