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Vol. 1

The Shakuhachi
in the
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The European Shakuhachi Society aims to create an environment where many of the different schools and styles of shakuhachi playing can be explored and their differences celebrated — no matter whichever approach to the instrument one chooses to take. ESS is an educational charity and aiming to take up the role as an umbrella organisation for all shakuhachi groups in Europe and thereby creating a space where players can meet across ryūha (schools) and physical borders.

ESS hosts Summer Schools and seminars around Europe. The annual European Shakuhachi Summer School is organised by various local shakuhachi groups in Europe in collaboration with ESS. All Summer School and seminars are open to anyone who has an interest in the shakuhachi, including complete beginners.

We hope that by creating a space to get together for all shakuhachi players, as well as koto and shamisen players, we can enhance the interest in these beautiful instruments, share experiences, widen an understanding of different styles and develop playing techniques and grow together as a musical community.

The European Shakuhachi Society is a registered charity. Registered charity no. 1123060.

Volume 1 of the European Shakuhachi Society Journal, originally published in July, 2011, is a 96-page edition containing a wealth of information drawn from distinguished members of the shakuhachi community. BK-19




Notes on style

The Boro and Shakuhachi
Gunnar Jinmei Linder

Myōan Shimpō-ryū: an interview with Justin Senryū Williams
Graham Ranft

Composing for Shakuhachi: Thoughts about Metre, Fingering, Muraiki and Glissando
Ramon Humet

Trill Tablature for Contemporary Music
Jean-François Lagrost

Some Approaches to the Performance of Contemporary Music
Richard Stagg

Adventures In Contemporary Shakuhachi
Clive Bell

Changes in the Construction of the Jinashi Shakuhachi in the late 20th and early 21st Centuries
Kiku Day

Between Global and Local: The Shakuhachi and its European ‘Identities’
Roberto Sallustio

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