AV-18-12 Restored Vintage Shakuhachi In Stock & Currently For Sale





Cat. # Size Key Description
AV-18-12 1.8' D

Kinko-ryu. 1.8' jiari shakuhachi inscribed with the hanko of Shugetsu.

This shakuhachi was the main instrument—revered and played for a lifetime—by one of Ronnie Nyogetsu Seldin's earliest students. Three hairline cracks in the upper section of the bamboo have been repaired and stabilized. The lower section of the flute is in pristine condition with no cracks at all, but the entire shakuhachi has been preemptively bound with inlaid rattan binding to mitigate any future damage. For this reason, it qualifies for Tai Hei Shakuhachi's lifetime guarantee assuring it will always remain in a playable condition.

The interior precision bore and nakasugi middle joint have been fully restored to its original condition. The acoustical and performance qualities of this shakuhachi have been enhanced and upgraded as part of the restoration, including fine tuning of its intonation and resonance.

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